Monday, 3 July 2017

High ropes Experience

My high ropes Experience.

My high ropes experience was scary because I'm not a big fan of heights.
I was so terrified when I first got on the bark.  

Well not really because I didn't want to do high ropes because those two words haunt me.

High is my worst enemy because I hate heights absolutely hate them unless my mum or dad take me to clip and climb.

Ropes is the worst thing in the world because it can burn you really bad which it did to me. When I got on the ladder I was so scared I was disappointed that there were no butterflies in my tummy.

So now is the giant's ladder. It wasn't that scary but it was still pretty high like 16 meters up. I’m not to sure. I only got up about 5 meters but I'm not really flexible which you probably needed to be because I watched Grace and she's very flexible and she made it to the top. I felt disappointed that I didn't have butterflies in my tummy because I love and hate having butterflies in my tummy.

When I got to the bottom I felt relieved, very relieved. I hate heights, even though I know that I am safe I was very glad to get my feet on the ground again.

By Ethan Findlay.

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