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Science Blog.

Science Blog.
26/5/2017-Week 4
Today we're making catapults for science. I'm working with Tejas and Isaac. We we're told by Danielle that we could only get 10 popsicle sticks but Tejas didn't listen and grabbed 14 popsicle sticks.
Now this is what you needed to make a catapult.
Rubber bands.
Popsicle sticks.
Desert spoon.
Here's a picture of our catapult.

3/6/2017 - Week 5
For science there are 3 activities. The 3 activities are chair pulleys,ping pong ramps and Basketball bounce.

 When Isaac, Finley, Tejas, Josh and I did the ping pong ramps last time we discovered that the ping pong ball does slow down on carpet because I have tried rolling ping pong balls on carpet But they always slow down.

When Isaac, Sam, Thomas A and I did the chair pulleys, last time as well. I discovered that carrying light things across is harder because every time we carried something light it kept wobbling rather if we put something heavier it would stay in its place. But it was harder to get it to each other because it was heavier than the light thing.

 I was on to Basketball. Yes This was last time. I wondered how high can the ball go. Then I thought because wondering is thinking so I tried it and the ball went quite high. I estimated how high it went and I thought  4 M 63 CM.

10/6/2017 week 6.            
time I did ping pong ramps again and this time I worked with Noah and the people from last time we did ping pong ramps and we worked in the tiered seating in a slot.

We found out that if you use everyone's ideas and make it into a massive idea it might work because bigger is better and it worked for us.

Next I did basketball bounce and I played Four Square with Hamish G, Jackson, Hailee, Sean and Ruby P and I found out that when you push the ball into someone else's square it's a soft push.
I wonder if 4 square is a relevant game for class time because it seems that last year we could only play it at morning tea time or lunchtime.

Catapults.  16/6/2017Week 7
Last time Isaac,Tejas and I did Catapults. We were firing our catapult and Tejas, Isaac and I realised the time before this week the catapult group were firing their catapult one by one and ours was the last one to be fired. It went the farthest. The first shot we took went 3.44 meters. We did exactly the same thing but put a rubberband on and it went 5.55m. You keep adding rubber bands until you fire a shot with the 10th rubber band on the cotton ball (we were firing cotton balls with rubber bands on them).
 Then we got 3 new cotton balls we got one rubber band and smushed all 3 of the cotton balls together and put one rubber band on them.  Keep firing until we get to the 10th rubber band just like  last time. Record your results onto the piece of paper.

Week 8 22/6/2017

This week my most favourite thing I did in science was a graph on the distances we did with our catapults and the distances it went. I tried my best to make it and here's a photo.

So my class and I had to make a graph and I'm very proud of myself because I never made a graph like this so it's a good graph for my first try in my opinion. I really want to show my mum and dad.
 Here's another picture of the data Isaac,Tejas and I collected.

The 9th cotton ball  that we fired  went the furthest and it went 16m and 73 cm.
The cotton ball that went the least amount of meters and centimeters was the first one we fired which went 3 meters and 44 centimeters.

What is force.
A push is like a flying fox because you need to push yourself off the platform to get to the other side.

Pull is like pulling something apart because if you put two lego bricks together then pull them apart that's like pulling.

I wonder if there are different ways of force being used.

I'm now wondering why is force a purpose with humans like I understand the meaning of it in a car of something not living but it's like a push that you do to someone. It doesn't feel nice.

Our Plan…
Our class got the opportunity to chose between a balloon powered vehicle, or a playground that involves force or using a catapult to make a game or vehicle. Here is my plan for what we are doing and who I am working with and other information...

I am working with Isaac, Ethan and Edward and we are going to be doing a balloon powered plane because it's a fun but challenging activity and it will certainly pay off once we have finished it. We could make some more and have a contest of which goes the furthest.

What we need : we need  four milk bottle lids, some cardboard boxes, one glue gun some tape three balloons  and somewhere to push it off and let it fly. The last thing we need is some tooth picks.

Steps :

Step 1. is to bring the equipment to school so we can make the plane.

Step 2. Cut the cardboard into the shape of the wings so it can glide.

Step 3. Cut the underside of the plane where the wheels are going to be put in.

 Step 4. Glue the cardboard together with the under side across with the skinny side facing up.

 Step 5. Tape the balloons with tape onto the cardboard plane in the shape of a paper plane.

Step 6. Tape the toothpicks together and make a hole so the toothpicks can go in.

Step 7. Put the wheels onto the toothpicks so when the airplane lands it can safely to a stop.

What do we need to bring in : we need to bring in the cardboard, toothpicks and milk bottle lids because the tape and the glue gun is at school.

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