Sunday, 15 October 2017


Speech Writing

There I was on my way to the GOLD COAST!!! But the worst thing was I was sick. The most exciting thing was about to happen and I was sick.
I always wanted to take a trip to Australia with my family.  Dad said to get it in the car. To be honest  it's like would you rather eg: would you rather go to the Gold Coast sick. Finally we're waiting to get on the plane and watch movies and sleep. I asked my Dad how much longer he said 15 minutes.
No!!! The movies, sleeping not the ads. Dad says that we've landed. Dad said we need to wait for the rental car. Finally on our way to the hotel. I asked Dad are we at the hotel. my Dad said yes. We all get out of the car and run straight to the entrance even my big sisters do. I got the key to our room. I sprint then stop oh no and I nearly vomit. I give the key to my little sister. I walked to our room and get my pajamas on and get straight in my bed. Today we're going to movie world it's something that I needed to do in my life. At Movie World they have this thing called driving school. This is one of favourite thing to do at Movie World. So basically it's a junior driving test.  I went on about a hundred times and it was worth it. We we're now waiting for our food we ordered also my dad said that after we've eaten our food we're going on a roller coaster. I was really excited. Finally we're on the roller coaster and ready to vomit if we have to. Ok I nearly vomited and if I did it would go all over my dad. I asked my dad if we could go back to the hotel. My dad said as long as everyone wants to. Everyone wants to go back to the hotel accept my little sister. My dad said she was just tired. So we drove back to the hotel and had lunch. Dad said I need to get ready for bed. I wake up hey!!! Where's everyone. Oh they just went in the pool. Wait they went in the pool with out me. So I went down to the pool and said why didn't you guys wake me up. They said we did try but you didn't wake up. I asked them what are we doing today. They said the same as yesterday. So I said we're going to Movie World again. Yes said my two big sisters. THANK YOU GOD!!! And the creators of Movie World. So we all got dressed and drove to Movie World. I went to the driving school first. Then we got food but not the same as yesterday. Also we went on the same roller coaster and no. I didn't vomit. But today we went on more rides. I asked dad where are we having lunch. He said at an all you can eat Buffet. Yes I said quietly to myself. I ate everything in site. I need a sleep I asked dad. He said we'll go back to the hotel once everyone's finished. I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up it was 3 am. So I went back to sleep and woke up got dressed had breakfast and we went to the car park and went out for lunch. I had Indian butter chicken with rice. We we're off to Wet and Wild. I went on every waterslide I could find. We're now having dominos at Wet and Wild. I described to dad how much fun I had. He said that sounded like fun and you looked tired. I told him I am tired. So we drove back to the hotel. Now I'm awake at 4 am because Dad woke me up and said get dressed because we're leaving so I got dressed and about two minutes later we were on the plane. Now we're home in Christchurch.


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