Sunday, 5 November 2017

Arts Blog

Arts blog

Week 1:
Queenstown trip!!!
Where I went:
On the 27th of July 2017 I went to Queenstown because we were having a Family Reunion but my Aunty and Uncle couldn't come.

What I did on the 2nd day:
On the 2nd day I was there we went and did something fun.
We went on the Gondola because My Dad,Sister,Tony (Dad's friend) and I wanted to go on the luge because that was pretty much the reason we came down to Queenstown.

After 3x on the luge:
We we came off the luge we went and found my grandfather and grandmother. After we went into town and went to a restaurant and I ordered pikelets. After that we went home and had a sleep until Five PM.

What we did on the 3rd day:
In the morning we all had breakfast and got ready to go into town. We went to the Pharmacy and saw Chandale (Tony's Daughter). Stella got her hair done and there was this director seat that I sat in the whole time. Dad told us that we're having lunch. I had a massive fish and some chips. After I ate that I had pancakes with whipped butter and cream. I now have an ice cream and we're going back to the apartment.
Tony,dad and Chandele cushioned there bums into the couch so they could get ready to watch the rugby because the Crusaders were playing the Highlanders  in the semi-final and the other game was the super rugby Lions playing the Hurricanes in South Africa and if the Hurricanes win  and so do the Crusaders they play each other in Christchurch also dad said if they do play in Christchurch then we’re getting some tickets and watching them play.    

Our last Day:
At 6 in the morning I woke up wondered what we're doing and I remembered that we we're leaving Today at 11 O'clock. Dad said that Stella and I got to sleep in which we needed because last night the rugby went on until 10 O’clock at night but really I got up and then Stella got up then my Dad then Tony and then my grandparents. When everyone was up it was only 2 hours until we left so we got dressed had breakfast. It was now 11 O’clock so dad said we could get some food. Dad told us We are nearly home. Finally we're home.

Week 3+4
On Thursday I can't remember the date but our class were put into groups and your group would either do dance,drama or music because dance,drama and music are art and this school
term was our art term also my group did dancing first. It was fun but Kiri just put clips of songs not a whole song and with the clips of some songs we got partnered up to make a dance also we got partnered up with people we wouldn't work with so it was about sharing dance moves.

It was the next week and we were doing music and I worked with Hamish G,Niko,Isaac and Tejas. The instrument I used was a tennis ball container because it's like ding sound from the plastic and I just needed to keep in Time and hit the tennis ball container with a drum stick.

Calendar art week 6:
On Monday week 6 of Term 3 our class were doing calendars for art. And we had one day but if you didn't finish in one day then you would have to finish it in one block of the next day to finish. Isaac and I said to each other let's create a soccer team logo so we picked to create the Barcelona logo. After 1 block of the day my art didn't look quality so I restarted and in two blocks of the day and one block of the next day this what I ended up with.

Defining the heart of Waimairi
Week 5:
For capturing the heart of Waimairi School I chose this photo because in Waimairi he show creativity and thinking so that’s why I think this photo captures the heart of Waimairi.

Sculpture Reflection:

Sculpture Reflection.

What Is Found object art:
Found object art is something that you take from your everyday life make it something.

What We created:
Isaac and I created the staircase to heaven.

Our inspiration:
Our inspiration to make the staircase to heaven was Neil Dawson
because Isaac and I looked at all of his sculptures and we thought that the staircase to heaven was the best.

What went well:
The thing that went well was when Isaac and I thought of using coloured cardboard instead of coloured paper and we measured the stairs and the went down every time.

What we would change:
We would change the amount of tape we used because there's so much tape that it looks like a mess so we came up with painting over it so the tape wouldn't show.i

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