Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek.
58,59,60 Sorry I forgot to explain. My class and I were playing hide and seek and I was a seeker. It was up to Ella and I to find our class. The first find was as simple as eating cake. I ran like a mouse but shouted like a mad
man. Sean and Ollie were hiding behind a tree. Sean waved his arms all over the place so it was pretty clear that they were hiding behind the tree so I snuck round and there they were
Still trying to hide from me but I eventually ran fast enough so that I would be right behind them. Next I would find Sam. (my brother from another mother) He hid behind a rubbish bin and out of 60 he was the 40th person to be found so Ella must have found a lot of people. It was now down to the last ten and I was looking all over the playground but then I looked at a tree at the from the corner of my eye and I saw Edward hiding behind a tree also I found him because his shoes were not even close to being hidden. Finally down to last 5 and I found no one when it came down to the last 5 because I was going in the other direction. I nearly found a person but Ella bet me to the person. The last person was found and it was all over.

By Ethan Findlay.

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